Wednesday, October 22, 2008

that perfect moment...

well, after a hectic day it's that perfect moment when the little one's in bed, the dog's at my feet, and i can finally relax a bit. i was able to swing by trader joe's on the way back from raleigh, so my beer tonight is a pumpkin beer i picked up there, called kinnebunkport pumpkin ale. i love pumpkin beers, and i wait all year for them to come out. this one is okay, a little on the cinnamon-ny side (but, hey, it was only $5.99)-- my absolute favorite is still post road pumpkin ale from brooklyn brewery--expensive, but oh, so good. 

anyway, judson and i had a great afternoon at the museum, although i couldn't show him my favorite sculpture because they moved her into storage temporarily. the museum is under major construction, and everything is a mess, but we still had a great time. judson said his favorite was this sculpture, the blue dancer, which, i have to admit is my second favorite of the collection. all in all, a busy but great day...i'm looking forward to getting into the studio tomorrow to work on finishing up some things for the kiln opening this weekend.  i'll close with a cute kid pic...happy pumpkins everyone!!

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Jen Mecca said...

Wow..I finally got caught up on what you all are up to. Look at all those pots!
I wish I could come say HI at the ACC this weekend but we have family coming to town and birthday parties to go to....yahda..yahda. Good LUCK!
Judson looks so cute with his pumpkin. I need to take the kids to that museum when I come up that way for the CDC. My favorite painting is of a Cardinal. My sister spent an whole afternoon looking for a painting of a bird one time. I laughed like crazy when she told me that because of course I meant a portrait of a man....CARDINAL.
Peace! Jen