Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Take Our Snow Very Serious!

Yep down here in the south snows a big deal!! Yes we take it very seriously, yes we do! About as serious as collage basketball and BBQ. I mean it dosn't happen very often and when it dose the whole world stops, its kind of nice gives you some time to slow down and enjoy. The funniest thing though, all grocers stores sell out of bread, milk, and eggs. No one knows were all the stuff goes and why we all need so much when were only ever stuck at home a few days because the snow just melts buy then. We are in the south you know! There are lots of theories, jokes and ideas why this phenomenon happens but I liked Tracey Broome theory "Milk Sandwiches" the best so far. But it doesn't explain the eggs! Its only a theory and in the end were all just guessing I do know this only hapens in the south. People in other region on the country never understand the mad rush and think its funny the hear that the TV news crews actual do a live feed from the grocery stores during bad weather days.
Anyway enough about that. I had a great few days, Judson and I went sled ridding and in between the fun I did get some work done in the studio. My mom was here visiting for a few days sowed in with us and Judson got a snow day or "a day off" as he calls it on monday. I made quite a few pots and am feeling good about were I am in this working cycle. Im making some time for new ideas, this time of year is great for that you know!

So I hope you had a great Sow Day or two and if you would let me know what y'all do with all the bread, milk, and eggs!!

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Tracey Brome said...

Maybe eggs and bacon with the milk sandwiches, I don't know.... when Gerry worked at the News and Record in Greensboro he would get sent out to the stores every time it snowed to shoot pictures of the disappearing milk. He hated that so much! That's is a cute youngin' you got there!!