Saturday, January 22, 2011

On The Road..

Im heading up to New Hope Church in Durham NC On January 30th.
I was asked to demonstrate pottery making for there event, Vision Day its there annual birthday celebration.
They acquired One of my large salt glazed platters with a willow oak pattern that will hang in the rotunda of the church, they have a few pieces of artwork already hanging with plans to add more. The church is an amazing building and the Pastor, Pastor Benji is full of energy and joy.

Im very excited to be there and am Looking forward to hearing the Pastor speak. I will also join him in a discussion and question and answer time during the services.

Im a spiritual person often reading about many religions and philosophy, believing that there is a common good in all religions that connects all and I also keep an open mind. I was raised Catholic though i don't know what that means at this point in my life. So I am exited and interested to hear Pastor Benji speak. Im expecting many references to the bible and Jeremiah like, "you are the potter we are the clay" Jeremiah 18:1-15 But will see where he takes the sermon I've only met Pastor Benji a few times but I have a feeling that it wont be dull and I know its going to be fun day!
If you live in the area plan to come buy I'll be demonstrating in the rotunda as you enter the church and will have a selection of pots there for sale as well.

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Tracey Broome said...

I wish I had read this earlier I would have made plans to come hear the sermon. Sounds like a great pastor. I have had my hot and cold spells with church and Gerry's dad was a minister so he had his fill early on. Wesley is leaning mostly towards Buddhism. I like sitting in church though, there is such a peacefulness to it. Good luck.