Monday, February 21, 2011

Want to share a link? -part two

Thanks to every one that ether link me to their blog roll or let me know that I already was. I added everyone that responded and updated a few too. If anyone else out there wants to share a link let me know. I want to try to keep it clay related but sometimes add things that just interest me I also hope you blog regularly you know like at least once a month, I like to keep the links interesting. I also have to admit I totally stole this whole link exchange post from The Rabbit Muse -AKA NANCY E. SCHINDLER
Nancy, I hope your not too pissed off at me. I know how you hate it when folks rip you off if you! But at least I give you credit for a great idea if the means anything?


TropiClay Studio said...

I may post a comment infrequently, but follow your blog, with anticipation of your next tile works. I use pictures of some of your tiles as examples to my students on how stamping appears - before and after glazing. Thanks for your most excellent posts!

Round Rabbit said...

Oh man, am I pissed! You'll be hearing from my lawyer!!!

Hahaha! Steal anything you want, Blaine. I'm totally zen. :)

Sister Creek Potter said...

I've been following your blog for a year or so--seldom comment. I've just added you to my "a few of my favorite blogs" list. In the past, I was a very regular posting potter--but of late have become an infrequent poster! I want to know how to have my blogs list show the current post picture or text. Where do I get that info? Thanks, Gay Judson