Friday, April 20, 2012

Loading the kiln, Opening this Saturday!!

Here are some images of the kiln being loaded these are some of the pots I'll have out for the weekend. See you all soon come on out Saturday and Sunday for the KIln Opening!! -Blaine
Beaver bowl decorated going in the kiln,! I was asked by a great customer to make a platter like the ones I do with turtles around the rim but with beavers on it. I liked the image I came up with so much I made several of these smaller ones for the opening.
This is the bottom stack of the kin with apothecary jars all glazed in Oribe and Frog Skin glazes. I love this classic form I never tire of making them, they are a joyful ever so happy full bellied form!
This the top of the stack some small bows stacked rim to rim, they all have porcelain slip trailing inside with patterns and animal imagery under translucent glazes.

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TropiClay Studio said...

Love those apothecary jars!