Friday, April 19, 2013

The Pots are Cooling.... The KIln Opening, this weekend!

The Spring KIln Opening starts tomorrow, At 10 am!! 
The kiln is still cooling....... So I thought Id share some a few pictures of some pots went in this firing. I spent many hours decorating and painting for this fining, Im really happy with how the pots and decorations all came together. So here's a few images just a, preview of what will be at the opening.I'll be working on updating my etsy shop on Monday.
 So if you can't make it this weekend April 20th & 21st or next April 27th & 28th look for some new work in my etsy Shop the first of the week.  

Hope to see you all soon!!
Saturday, April 20th 10am-5pm   &     Sunday,  April  21st-11am-4pm 
Saturday, April 27th 10am-5pm   &   Sunday,  April 28th 11am-4pm 
Me ttrimming bowls late one evening last week....
Slip Trailed Swirls and Swag pattern, fun and free!!
 I have only make one of there before, I love the image of the dragonfly and what it represents. It's really involved and time consuming though. I start by sketching out the pattern in pencil and food coloring thats the greenish blue halo around parts of the dragonfly before I begin painting the slip and glaze.
The Wild Cherry Blossom pattern before it's fired. I feel a strong connection to this new pattern. It's taken from wild cherry trees that grow on my property.
New Owl painting on a tray.
 One of my old favorites, The Turtle!
Bottom shelf of first stack in the kiln.