Thursday, August 14, 2008

the 36 hour day...

well, it rained all day yesterday so i decided to do double work today. took down his sad chimney, moved about a million bricks, all the clay mixing stuff and dry materials that were left etc. etc... and after all that, got the stripping up on the kiln shed roof just before dark. 

the man on the tractor is my old neighbor mr. joyce--he helped load a huge clay mixing tank with his tractor. i'm really going to miss having him as a neighbor--i think he was the first actual farmer i've ever known personally. i loved our conversations on local politics, cattle, and growing vegetables. so many times, i'd come home and find a bag full of fresh picked veggies on our porch or a watermelon rolled under the fence. he's also the reason that i found and were able to buy property. had been looking for land for about a year, and he happened to know the woman selling this piece of property. people around here generally don't like to sell land to folks they don't know, and because he vouched for us, she decided to sell ... he's a great neighbor.

so... we should have the metal on the roof by end of day tomorrow--it will be great to feel finished with at least one project.......taking judson to the rodeo with our friend dwight holland tomorrow night--should be an experience!!!

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