Wednesday, August 6, 2008

boy its hot

judson and i had a great time playing with the hose until ........he got a little wet he sure didn't like that!  Well laura and I have been very busy the last few days--we were packing packing and packing...... sending out orders to galleries. we shipped out pots to mark of the potter down in clarkesville, GA the folks down there are the nicest people I just love sending them pots, to Cedar Creek Gallery  up in Creedmoor NC you all may remember Laura and I were resident artists there for years and lived there until we made the journey to Seagrove  we really miss the guys there and we also sent out pots and tiles to Seven Sisters gallery over in Black Mountain NC. that was one of my first galleries to carry my work when I first started making pots back about fifteen years ago.  I was so excited when the new owner contacted me. life sure is just one big circle sometimes you are just spinning your wheels and then you are back were you started but moving forward if you know what I mean...... Oh and the ladies from the NC Museum of art came buy to pick up some things for the museum store,like I said we have been busy!


Sister Creek Potter said...

Judson is a cute little guy. I'm intrigued by his name. Is it a family name? It seems that most of the Judson in the US came from one family of early settlers.
Your tile work is lovely, too!

blaine and laura said...

Judson's name came from a book I was reading called The Last American Man, It's the story of Eustice Conway and his brother's name Is Judson..... After we picked it I found out that our friend and neighbor Tom Gray's son, Slate's first name is also Judson, then I found out that our friend Dwight Holland's grandfather's name was Judson..... so go figure? Here a Judson there a Judson everywhere a Judson...... Apparently it was a very popular name in the late 1800's, but not so common today