Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Test Glazes..... And Turtles

Hare are some of the test glazes some promising results but the bummer is that the matte glaze I have been working on crawled and pealed..... very weird I think I may have messed something up when mixing up the base so I''ll have to start over! And I am working on some turtles for the kiln opening that is scheduled for October the 10th and 11th I haven't made them in a long time and they are so much fun! Also be on the lookout for some new animals sculptures for that weekend......... I'll tell you more about that latter but Im excited! .... I almost forgot to mention that I have donated one of my large turtles to the Zoo To Do Auction that is this saturday the 12th this if a fun event a great fundraser for the North Carolina Zoo and I'm looking forward to going. See you there.

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