Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sliped and ready to go!!

Lots of coffee today!! Long night last night finishing up things in the studio up until after 1:00am.
It's nice though when it gets dark out and quiet you start to hear sounds that you don't usually notice and when I'm focused on the rhythm of work your mind starts to wander in an almost meditative state. Some how its relaxing through all the chaos of a messy studio and pressure of the deadline. Your eyes on the end visualizing how all the pots will look fresh from the kiln hoping everything will live up to the picture that you built up in your head over the past several weeks. There's a lot of hart and sole that goes into what a potter dose, I hope people can see it in my work and connect with it on some level. you cant dictate what they will take away or see. You can only hope that feel the presence and relate to you and "it" in some way.
I got all the bowls sliped and there fast drying. Trimming some more bowls today that will be and unglazedand painted with black slip patterns and imagery animal effigies and such I love using that word "effigy" that one of those words that just fun to try to slip in a conversation, try it some time fun party game!! I may have to skip bisque firing on them to get them in the kiln for next weekend. I would rather have bisqued pots but I'm down to the wire!!
Also throwing a few mini bows to day.. crazy I know it's hard to stop and get out on the "making" mode.


Michael Mahan said...

Any ghostly effigies in the studio at that time of the morning?

Blaine M. Avery said...

No but i wish might make the place interesting!!