Thursday, October 29, 2009


We had a fun night tonight. Judson and I went to starworks for their annual gathering. If you don't know what starworks is checkout their website. Its a business/arts incubator creating green jobs and promoting tourism in the region.
We had fun, had some great food met some new people and saw the usual suspects drinking lots of free beer..... AKA the Seagove potters there is something about free beer that really brings out the potters!!! But I had to leave early to get the little boy to night night. We got the hear some great music. The music was a guy named Joe Robinson from Winston-Salem man could he play the trumpet!!!! Judson was mesmerized dancing and clapping couldn't take his eyes of them. He was so cute he pulled me aside and said "hey daddy will you get me a trumpet" so I promised him i would what else could I do you should have seen the way he looked at me makes your hart melt.
Then after the food and music we went to the other side of the old hosiery mill to see a glass blowing demo. It was fun and first time Judson saw glass blowing. Nothing like hot glass, glory holes and flames to captivate a crowd! We stayed out a little late but this only happens once a year and I still had him in bed at a reasonable hour. We have to rest up for trick or treating this weekend!! I'm excited this was my second favorite holiday (if you can call it that) after christmas when I was a kid.


Blaine M. Avery said...

Oh and this it the place were you can get localy dug clay..... from Starworks-Ceramics check out the website. Great clay made buy the master form Japan, Takuro Shibata. said...

Watch out Blaine, Wes asked for a violin when she was seven and now she has two electric guitars, one acoustic, two keyboards and two violins. It starts snowballing once you turn them on to music!! Nothing like it though :)
BTW, do you use the white stoneware from Starworks? I'm shopping for a white cone 10 that I can also use for Raku. I am trying Phoenix right now but it is a bit rubbery.

Blaine M. Avery said...

well Im trying to encourage him to play and appreciate music or as he calls it "musicket" so its not a problem but... I think I'll hold off on any drums my house is way too small!!!
I have used the star white come 10 but it can get light brown, wont stay white in reduction. There is a cone 6 white but I haven't tried it yet. I do like the cone 10 some I like the was it works. I use it for slip decorated work and some ash glazes pots.
Hope this helps?