Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kiln Opening Progress

Egg vase that will be glazed in Frog Skin and Oribe glazes

Progress continues in the studio and in the marketing department of Avery Pottery and Tileworks, my press team and I have been very busy and helpful! Thats me in the studio and the marketing department, again me late at night at the kitchen table with computer, post cards, labels and postage. My press teem consists of my little 5 year old sleeping in bed buy 8:30ish very cute and great fun but little help in these situations though he did stamp some post cards! Go Judson! He's sleeping so I can concentrate and my dog Riley is lying under my feet, keeping me company! Don't worry were getting it all done !
The post card went out over a week ago, E-post card went out a few days ago and press releases too! Now I can forget about all that and worry about getting all the pots finished and in the kiln! You cant have a Kiln Opening with out pots thats like a dinner party with no dinner right!
You can check out the E-card here

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