Sunday, June 21, 2009

You rock Dad

I had a great weekend, several firsts with judson, lets see catching fireflies that was a blast! brings back so many memories from childhood, riding on a motorboat with grandpa, Judson and I went out for a short ride he kept asking grandpa to go faster but then he was ready to get out of the boat. but he did great and had fun. So we let grandpa go for a ride on his own for a little and we went fishing from the shore haven't done that either. This was the best fathers day so far at three years old he is now starting to understand what it means and really getting into it. But the best part was my gift he made for me at daycare, the koolest rock ever! Well he didn't make the rock but he did a great job painting it and I got a sailboat card that he made too. Check out the picture of the rock I love it! It makes me smile. Oh and we also had some friends over for dinner one night Judson loves company! a very busy weekend!


cookingwithgas said...

very cute! enjoy he is a great kid!

Anonymous said...

very cool! hope you had a good day

Volunteer opportunities said...

What a sweet kid he is! Who would not a have the best father's day with that? God bless your family!