Thursday, July 23, 2009

baker baker

Or In the night kitchen if you ever read that book when you were a kid, I loved it when I was little and now I love reading it to judson, he loves it to. Mixing clay that was my day just mixing clay, I felt like a baker with dust all over me and in my hair. I usually make slip in my blunger and let it dry in vats with wire mesh on the bottom and an old sheet lining it to hold the clay in. The water drips through and evaporates. It takes about two to three weeks to get the slip to a workable constancy I'm running behind schedule so I asked a potter friend if I could use his mixer and I made about 850 pounds of workable clay today! It feels good, nothing like a big pile of clay to get you motivated!
But with all I had to do and not being at the shop most of the day I never got around to unloading the kiln today I hate to let a kiln sit full of pots when I know its cool enough to unload but by the time I got back and unloaded the clay I had just enough time to get a quick shower and jet off to pick up judson from daycare. So I think I'll unload it in the morning after I take judson to daycare and take a bike ride I haven't been able to go all week and its killing me I need some exercise. I'll try to post somepictures tomorrow.

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Jen Mecca said...

I like that book to but now that I'm older I think it is a little bit odd??? Have you ever seen the book about the kids that are in a parade and eat all kind of candy by Sendec also? Forget the name but once, as an adult sort of makes you go ..hummmmmm
Happy mixing.j