Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I peeked in the kiln

Not good I think I missed the reduction for the shino. Go figure I was trying a slightly lighter reduction cycle in the third firing and I guess I shouldn't have with the shinos this time, you know it always looks worse than you think when you are peeking in the small spy holes and the crack in the door with a flashlight. So I'm trying not to feel too down but times like this make me think all the earthenware electric potters out there got it made and why aren't I doing slipware cuse' I have always loved it? So what's so great about reduction anyway? Well I will see tomorrow I did snatch out a few promising glaze test tiles and that always fun! The rest of the kiln looks good though. And if any of you want a great deal on some pasty gray shino pots with some great slip trailing hey you know were to find them!


cookingwithgas said...

I feel what you are talking about!
I have been asking the same questions myself!
Why do we do this knowing we will have Hugh disappointments at time.
But we go right back to it.
It would be interesting to see what you did with earthenware- but you know there are issues there as well.
I hope it ALL turns out well!

Ron said...

It never looks good through the peep holes. I always thought my salt pots were too brown when looking in. Open the door and things are better.

This earthenware stuff is challenging, esp. the glaze part. Crazing galore. It seems to be more of an issue at low temp than crazing at high temp. Maybe not. I seemed to have fallen into worrying about it a lot though. And getting an interesting surface at cone 04 is pretty hard. Stick with the high fire. (Of course someone told me that too and I switched anyhow! Ha.) Look forward to some pics, even if they are pasty.!

Blaine M. Avery said...

There is just so much out there seems like all of us potters. well most are stuck on the high fire reduction. I know I thought that was the way to go when I was starting out and couldn't wait until I could build my first reduction kiln, never even considered any thing else. I guess we all set boundaries in our life/work it's just you can get boxed in buy the ideas you have in your head sometimes. I ready to step outside the box! Not exactly sure to what yet though......