Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NC Crafts Gallery Show

Im delivering pots this week for the opening of my show at NC Crafts Gallery, Carrboro, NC. I will have a great selection of Salt glazed and Ash glazed pots.
The show runs January 2nd to 31st with the opening reception Friday January 14 6pm-9pm, during the friday night art walk.
I'll be there!!! Hope you can too!

In other new Judson and I had a great christmas, got home a day late because on the snow but,
the roads are all clear and Im all shoveled out and open for post Christmas shopping!
So come on out! It's beautiful out there!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little vases

I just shipped out a new batch of little vases to the NC Museum of Art store, then I was looking through the last issue of The Independent (that's the free art news paper for the Raleigh-Durham area). And what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But a picture and add for them in the gift giving guide..... (and eight tiny reindeer) hehehe!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

One Great Saturday

Saturday was great I had a great turn out and sales were great too! Thanks to everyone that came out! Those of you that called and emailed. Your pots will be shipping out latter this week.
Im still here in the studio working away, shop open. With some great pots and tiles left manny just right for christmas gifts for your self or someone else. Im working on some special order tiles and dinnerware. I will be open if your still doing some Christmas shopping.

Now I'm on to the next big thing! Im working on getting tiles completed for The Randolph County HOSPICE. They are installing a tiles next to each door plaque for every door in there new building! There are a total of 72 tiles one for each door, in Six different colors. Im looking forward to seeing them all installed, the first 34 tiles will be installed this week just in time for there open house on December 12th.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

Yes I hope some of you can make it out for the Big Sale tomorrow. I'll be here holding down the fort. Looking forward to seeing everyone old and new this cold weather has got me thinking about Christmas! I need to start decorating for it! I get the Christmas spirit a little late such a busy time of year, for me just starting to slow down. Now on to some Custom dinner ware and custom tile for the Randolph County HOSPICE, more on that latter!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saturday Sale, life's getting in the way

Im still getting ready for the sale on this saturday December 4th, I know I should be further ahead buy now but you know how life gets in the way?
I had a Sick little boy to attend to today Judson stayed home sick, strep throat again. He had it a few weeks ago and then I think caught it again at daycare.
So now I'm way behind and Just a few days ago I was ahead? So tomorrow is going to be one of those better get it done days! One last load of tiles to fire before Saturday I need to finish glazing them all load the kiln and have it started buy the afternoon...... This all was on the schedule for today but there was no way it was happening with the sick little boy home today. It's a good thing he's cute!
On the bright side I think I can get everything finished but the tiles may be a little warm unloading them late friday evening. I always seem to get behind before an event usually its for reasons like I want to make a few more pots a different shape or style then last time. Or Im in the groove on glazing and decorating that I am so enjoying where its all going letting the creativity flow with new Ideas popping in my head, I want to take the time to see them and let them flow freely seeing where it all leads. So Im spending more and more time on each piece and I get behind working late tired but so, so happy. :-)
This time its Just a little bit of life getting in the way but Im so enjoying that too!

Nine Toes Pottery

I wanted to mention that my fellow potter and all around great guy Ronan Kyle Peterson is having his 5th Annual Open Studio and Holiday Sale. He's got a great studio in Chapel Hill its definitely worth checking out. His work is very unique and distinctive with an individual style all his own. Stroll on over to his blog and check it out. Its this weekend too! So much going on in the pottery world this weekend. Such a fun time of the year!