Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm The face of Small Business

It looks like I'm the new face of business advocacy in North Carolina!! Check it out Business Link North Carolina, Very cool.... My face, the face of small Business in North Carolina! Looks like Im your business advocate! 

Photo by Bill Russ, NC Division

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ceramics Now!!

The KIln Opening this past weekend went great! Thanks to all that came out! Still have some great pots for those of you that didn't make it come on out I'll be here at the shop finishing up a bunch of special orders that have to go out before Christmas. In other news I wrote before about being featured In Ceramics Now magazine, the new International Magazine Published in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania. The print and digital addition is out and they just published a excerpt of my interview on there website, you can check out here. I wish there was more to see and read. But understandably they want people to buy the printed addition and online version you can however check out a PREVIEW of the magazine online. I'll have to tell you I think it's an outstanding magazine! Well worth subscribing to. The link to the preview is great it gives you a glimpse to how great the layout and over all feel of the magazine is. I feel honored to have been asked to be in the magazine. Take a look order it and let me know what you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Kiln opening "Just in time for the season"

Holiday Kiln opening "Just in time for the season"
December 3rd, 2011 9Am-5pm
I sent out the e-card the other day!
Im firing the gas kiln tomorrow and I will have lots of great things coning out just before the weekend, I finished up glazing today. To find out more, be sure to read the

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shop Small Saturday and Holiday Kiln Opening

I had a great Thanksgiving, got home to open the shop for what everyone calls black friday, I hate that name. Here in Seagrove it's a bit more relaxed lots of nice people out for a beautiful drive in the county shopping for some wonderful handmade gifts. So if your looking for something different, fun and relaxing come on buy the shop. I'll be here all day this Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th. No long lines, no craziness, and unlike those big box stores, natural light imagine that? It will be just a great day, like it's supposed to be and it's going to be beautiful out too!

This year there is a big movement to buy local and this Saturday November 26th is "Shop Small Saturday." I think buying local and supporting the people that make hand made art is the way it should be, hope to see you all over the next few days!

If you cant make it this weekend then you should plan to come out on Saturday December 3rd 9am-5pm, for my Holiday Kiln Opening "Just in time for the season"- pots and tiles made with gift giving in mind. Im firing one more kiln before then with lots of things made with gift giving in mind. I'll post some more about this in the next few days!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Celebration of Seagrove Potters

It all starts to night! I've been so busy getting ready for The Celebration of Seagrove Potters I had to get some help from my little boy Judson. Don't you think he should be on the cover of a magazine too? Well, the booths all set up and Im uploading the last kiln today. This is a great event I look forward to it every year! Come on out and enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

A lots Been Going On

The Kiln opening was awesome, I had a incredible firing. The pots came out amazing I think it was one of my best firings ever! Sales were great and A huge turn out too! Thanks to all that came out. But you know, I still have some great pots left! I have been working on taking some images and getting things listed on line, but it has taken longer than I thought. I've also been busy with special orders and getting ready for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters too. Hopefully I'll get this completed next week.

I other news I made the cove of this little magazine Carolina Country, Pretty cool don't you think?

I'm also going to be featured I A new International Magazine Ceramics Now It's published in Romania. They also in invited me to be in an International Exhibition that they are organizing in Romania. I haven't got the details yet But I'm looking forward to it!

Thats all for now Off to the studio, lots to do!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Kiln Opening In the morning think cookies, cookies, cookies!!

The Kiln Opening is starting in the morning! Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10-5. I unloaded the kiln tonight, lots of great pots coming out! My stepmom is here helping out, baking cookies!! Come early, she's making oatmeal chocolate chip, pumpkin spice and chocolate chip cookies!! Also I'll have coffee and apple cider, perfect for the fall Kiln Opening! You better hope the Cookie Monster doesn't get here first........
see y'all soon!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kiln Opening Progress

Egg vase that will be glazed in Frog Skin and Oribe glazes

Progress continues in the studio and in the marketing department of Avery Pottery and Tileworks, my press team and I have been very busy and helpful! Thats me in the studio and the marketing department, again me late at night at the kitchen table with computer, post cards, labels and postage. My press teem consists of my little 5 year old sleeping in bed buy 8:30ish very cute and great fun but little help in these situations though he did stamp some post cards! Go Judson! He's sleeping so I can concentrate and my dog Riley is lying under my feet, keeping me company! Don't worry were getting it all done !
The post card went out over a week ago, E-post card went out a few days ago and press releases too! Now I can forget about all that and worry about getting all the pots finished and in the kiln! You cant have a Kiln Opening with out pots thats like a dinner party with no dinner right!
You can check out the E-card here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Congaree

I wanted to share some pictures of the Congaree,. So you ask what is the Congaree? Its a National park just out side of Columbia SC. After the workshop at the University I had a chance to go out to the Congaree its an extraordinary place enormous Bald Cypress trees and Loblolly Pines, I love the sound of that name "Loblolly" say it out loud, I's just fun to say! Be sure to click on the pictures to full size or you'll miss the detail and the giant spider in the last one. Enjoy!!

This was an incredible Loblolly Pine, the bark and sheer size of the tree is unbelievable.

This was the most amazing find, The Golden Silk Orb-Weaver Spider He or She let me get so close and never moved so. I got a Great image of it! Amazing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

University of South Carolina, Columbia Workshop

So the workshop went great! I had so much fun its a break from the studio for me and gets me to thinking about me, my life, my work and where Im going with it all.

I titled the workshop "Making A Life In Clay" Being a full time working potter I wanted to share my life and journey as a potter and artist for the students.

The world outside of a University working in clay can be much different. I so enjoyed the energy of the University and seeing the students work, it makes me want to teach more workshops. I came away inspired and energized seeing what the graduate and undergraduate students work, it's great to get something back from the participants and seeing there work and enthusiasm for clay was great.

The Professor Virginia Scotchie - Head of Ceramics at the University has some great students turning out some amazing work while finding there own voice in the world, I was very impressed with the program there.
Me and virginia scotchie

I started the morning Monday with a presentation that covered my start apprenticing With Sid Oakley at Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor N.C. Then my journeys in Seagrove building my Kiln, shop and studio.Of course I also spoke a lot about my work and where it foundations come from, mainly souther folk pottery but it has broadened over the years to cover the folk art of several ancient cultures and textiles patterns. The rest of monday I demonstrated making pots then on tuesday we started the day with a critique of the students work and then attend lecture on one of the new Professor's work. After that I finished the pots I made the day before and ended the day showing how I hand paint the designs and patters on my pots.

It was a great few days, so now its back to the studio gearing up for the Kiln Opening on October 15th and 16th. The postcad is printed and will go out in the mail latter next week I'll be posting some pictures as we get closer to the Opening so check back soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Around the studio and on the road

Like I said It's been busy around the studio too, getting ready for lots of events coming up!

First up, I have some pots at Frank in Chapel Hill N.C. The show is called "Dining with frank" I have a Place setting a teapot and a square serving tray in the show. The opening reception is Friday September 9th 6-9pm there is a great line up of potters in the show along with some furniture makers. Im happy to be included in the show and look forward to going to see it. If your in the area be sure to make it on over there!

Up next after that Im heading down to The University of South Carolina in Columbia S.C. I was invited to present a workshop on september 12th and 13th. I've been looking forward to this! I love giving workshops they are so much fun for me. I enjoy sharing information and the dialog between the students is so enjoyable. Sometimes I come away learning a little something about myself and my work through all the questions and observations from the students. It starts me thinking outside the box and thats a good thing. I'll post something on the blog after I get back from the workshop.

Then its on to the Fall Kiln Opening this year it's October 15th and 16th so mark your calendars! Im working on new pots and tiles for the salt glazing kiln. Look for hand painted pots and tiles and some glazed pots as well. I'll be posting more about this as the date approaches with a sneak peek of whats going it the kiln!
so check back soon...

Well I've rambled on long enough,

Life you know? Then whats next!

Its been super busy around the shop and house with my little boy Judson, can you believe he's 5 years old now! and you know what that means.... Kindergarden, Yep thats right! He started last week. He's so excited to be in "Big Kid School" but he thought he would like homework, guess what he's not to crazy about it. I think thats the only let down he loves school other than that.

I cried a little, it was so hard to put him on the buss that first day of school. But it feels so good to see him grow and change. I know everyone thinks that their kid is the smartest, nicest and most insightful child around, I know that. But Im telling you Judson is extra special!!

Check back tomorrow for an up date of events and whats been going on around the studio....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old Salem Pottery Fair

I'm heading up to Old Salem this Saturday the 21st for their fist ever Pottery Fair. I'll have some great pots and tiles there for sale, some salt glazed and some ash glazed. The pottery Fair is going on in conjunction with the opening of, The groundbreaking exhibit "Art In Clay: Masterworks of North Carolina Earthenware" March 22--August 14. That was organized, by Old Salem Museums & Gardens in Winston-Salem, NC, the Chipstone Foundation in Milwaukee, WI, and the Caxambas Foundation in Milwaukee, WI.
The Show has traveled from Milwaukee Art Museum, to The Old Salem Museums & Gardens: March 22, 2011—August 14, 2011, then to, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and then, on to The Huntsville Museum of Art. Im looking forward to being in Old Salem its a great place with wonderful old buildings and atmosphere and some fond memories for me to. :-)
I'm am also so excited to see this show I love the work form this period, it's been a major influence on my work over the years.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Behind the Scenes Pottery Tour

This sunday, cool pottery tour. Wine food and pottery what cold be better?? Join in the fun! for a great cause! For more info check out the Northern Moore Family Resource Center
I'll be here at the shop with my little side kick Judson!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Second Day

Well the second day of the kiln Opening was even better then the first, busiest Sunday I ever had! I added some more images to my Facebook page, check it out the photo album Spring Kiln Opening 2011!
Thanks every one for coming out, and buying some great pots!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Kiln opening 2011

Today was great day, lots of folks turned out early despite the bad weather! I sold lots of pots, one more day tomorrow. I had a great firing too! I still have some great pots left so come on out if the weather scared you away today. I posted some images on my Facebook page check them out.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Check out the E-card!

KIln opening next weekend April 16-17 check out the E-card. If you didn't get it sign up for it or the right side of the blog so you don't miss it next time!
See you all next weekend!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring kiln opening

Spring Kiln opening
Blaine M. Avery
Avery Pottery and Tileworks

April 16th 9 AM- 5 PM and 17th 10AM-4PM
Selections from the gas kiln in ash glazes and salt glaze kiln.

I've been hard at work over the winter working on lots of new pots, I've been painting some new patterns and imagery that Im very excited about. Also I have some new ash glazed shapes that I have had so much fun creating! I cant wait to share it all with you.
For me the spring kiln opening is like a start of the new year, with all my new pots coming out of a warm kiln after a long cold winter nestled in the studio hard at work. As the leaves bud and the first flowers bloom my new work begins to emerge fresh from the kiln just in time for the spring kiln opening.
The Studio will be open for tours. My little boy Judson just turned five years old, he enjoys to talking to people and would love to show you around the workshop and kiln!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The NCMA-Museum Store, Great Advertising!

Here is the new ad for the NCMA-Museum Store. There's some great pots in the ad and in the store! Don't you think? The little botle on the left is mine they also carry many of my larger pots. Great shop, great people, and a great Museum!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ceramics Now feature

I Was just featured in Ceramics Now! An online ceramics magazine that celebrates the creative field of ceramics around the world by featuring world-recognized ceramic artists. Check it out! Great to have my work on this sight with many other amazing artists.!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thought for the day

Its raining here in Seagrove North Carolina, I can hear the rain dancing on my tin roof I love that sound! So I have all kinds of thoughts in my head, Im always thinking sometimes maybe too much but to day I want to share someone else's thought,

"Why be a potter? Pots can be used, they have a function. Even a bad pot has some use, But a bad painting, there is nothing to you can do except throw it away"

I mostly agree with Hamada on this and it makes me smile too when I read it. But some bad pots should be thrown away too I know I have thrown away many in my early years if you don't they will come back and haunt you! Trust me on this one!! I found one on ebay from one of the first years I started making pots, It hurt to see it too, I hope someone took in that ugly duckling and ether loved it or put it out of its misery.
I Still throw away pots that I never want to see again, and it feels good letting go of them too. Even knowing all the work that went into some of them I know that some times they just miss the mark.
Well here's a great pot from one of my last salt glaze firings that I kept to get an image of, I'll have a hard time letting go of this one!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Five Years Ago

Things have been moving right along here at the shop still making pots firing some bisque ware starting on glazing later in the week.
I was thinking the other day of the many things that I am grateful for, well of course my son Judson is at the top of the list. Then I thought I haven't talked about him here on the blog in some time. He's turning five on march 11th, its amazing how fast he has grown from that little baby in the bowl, that was his birth announcement. To the big kid he his today.
He has a fresh way of looking at the world that changed my way of thinking, he helped me back get to my core sense of self, kids have a way of doing that. He's smart and so curious, Painting is one of his favorite things to do, he's always wanting to know how things work and making inventions, I did things like that when I was a kid and still do. He's always thinking never letting anything get in his way when it comes to creating, thinking freely honestly and intensely focused in whatever he dose. Its a great way to live life and create. I've always tied to live my live and work in this way but at times life gets in the way. I'm getting back there with him I'm so, grateful to have him in my life And cant remember what this world was like before he came into it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Want to share a link? -part two

Thanks to every one that ether link me to their blog roll or let me know that I already was. I added everyone that responded and updated a few too. If anyone else out there wants to share a link let me know. I want to try to keep it clay related but sometimes add things that just interest me I also hope you blog regularly you know like at least once a month, I like to keep the links interesting. I also have to admit I totally stole this whole link exchange post from The Rabbit Muse -AKA NANCY E. SCHINDLER
Nancy, I hope your not too pissed off at me. I know how you hate it when folks rip you off if you! But at least I give you credit for a great idea if the means anything?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Want to share a link?

I working on my blog and am delating folks that don't link back to me or haven't blogged in some time. Some are over a year, I want to keep my list current.
So if you have a link on your blog to me please let me know and I will gladly add a link back to you. If you would like to Share a link let me know and I'll add you if you add me. ;-)
Lets get some linking going on!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some new tiles I've been working on

Things around here at the shop are moving a little slow, had a bit of a cold last week feeling much better now. Im still working on dinnerware that I should have fired last week but I just couldn't get it finished the way I felt, so shooting for next week. When your the artist, manager, accountant, single dad and do everything guy, weeks when you are sick not much gets done around the shop. But Im feeling great and have some new tile designs to share, more to come in the next few months!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Read the labels on the wrappers!! Made me laugh!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what's going on in the studio

It was a beautiful day here in The Grove not to cold and the sun was out keeping me smiling!
I've been working on some dinnerware orders firing them next week. So right now, Flat thats the word around here! My studio is full of plates! I'll be glazing next week that's the part that takes me the longest, somehow I think it should go faster. But it never dose. Why is that you ask? Well I know if i rush I always make mistakes so like a turtle I glaze, "slow and steady wins the race" don't you know? Looking forward to firing though. I've been in the making frame of mind for some time, feels like forever since i felt and heard the sounds of the kiln roaring! Also been working out some new things in the studio too, not ready to put them up here for the world to see quite yet, will soon though. So you better check back soon!

The sun setting on my property , I love the shadows in the winter!

Riley Lounging around the yard he loved the day too!

Like I said thing are a little flat around here, in a pot kind of way!
What a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Demo At Newhope church

I was sure having fun!

I spent Sunday at Newhope In Durham NC, I had a great day! Julie and her Son came down to help out with sales and I sure needed it! There were between 2000-3000 people there. I think the pictures tell the story better than can.....

I was literally surrounded!! Amazing! I don't think I have ever demonstrated for so many people at one time!

I went in to this event not knowing what to expect, they found me through my website and wanted a large Platter to hang in the rotunda of the building. The I spent the day demoing and selling pots to an enormous crowd in a church!

Talking with some of the kids during a brief slow time

Pastor Benji and me between the crowds of people.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home for the day

Here at the shop/home with a sick little boy home from preschool for the day, not getting much done maybe nap time will be productive? I pray for nap time! A least he's cute and a great little guy!
He's wanting to make some things with clay today and I'm encouraging it! He loves to paint and draw a very creative little boy, Maybe I should sway him towards a higher paying job like doctor, attorney or something. But he's the creative type will see he's 4 years old time will tell!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

On The Road..

Im heading up to New Hope Church in Durham NC On January 30th.
I was asked to demonstrate pottery making for there event, Vision Day its there annual birthday celebration.
They acquired One of my large salt glazed platters with a willow oak pattern that will hang in the rotunda of the church, they have a few pieces of artwork already hanging with plans to add more. The church is an amazing building and the Pastor, Pastor Benji is full of energy and joy.

Im very excited to be there and am Looking forward to hearing the Pastor speak. I will also join him in a discussion and question and answer time during the services.

Im a spiritual person often reading about many religions and philosophy, believing that there is a common good in all religions that connects all and I also keep an open mind. I was raised Catholic though i don't know what that means at this point in my life. So I am exited and interested to hear Pastor Benji speak. Im expecting many references to the bible and Jeremiah like, "you are the potter we are the clay" Jeremiah 18:1-15 But will see where he takes the sermon I've only met Pastor Benji a few times but I have a feeling that it wont be dull and I know its going to be fun day!
If you live in the area plan to come buy I'll be demonstrating in the rotunda as you enter the church and will have a selection of pots there for sale as well.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HOSPICE Tiles Installed!

I was honored to be asked to make tiles for the new Randolph County HOSPICE House. There is a tile buy every door and a few on the large donor plaque in the main entrance. The tiles came out great adding a warm touch as you pass through the building and I think go well with the over all feel of the facility. They chose the tiles glazed in Key lime green, amber, water blue, grass green, purple eggplant and turquoise. This is the first in house facility for Randolph county HOSPICE and its a beautiful warm and inviting space. Sometimes its the little touches that make a space feel so warm, such as this one.

The people that put it all together did an amazing job and didn't forget about the little things like my tiles that add that extra touch making you feel at home, calm and peaceful. At a place like the Randolph County HOSPICE House it's very important. I'm so glad I was able to have my work installed there! If your in the area Stop buy and see for your self at, The Randolph County HOSPICE House, 446 Vision Drive Asheboro N.C.
Judson took the picture of me and then had to pose in front of the Spa for one of himself!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

NC Crafts Gallery, Carrboro, NC Opening Reception

Im heading up to Carrboro tomorrow for the opening reception of my work at The North Carolina Crafts gallery. Its from 6pm-9pm, during the friday night art walk. Im looking forward to it! Hope some of you can make it.

I haven't posted on the blog in some time, my computer was in the shop getting some repairs done but now Im back on line and will adding a few more posts soon.
Next up the custom tiles I made for the Randolph County HOSPICE were installed, I have some great images of them they came out incredible! So check back soon!
I other news we got a snow and Ice storm a few days ago so I was closed and visiting with my brother who was in town form NYC. But now Im back at it in the studio, the roads and driveway are all clear. I working on some custom dinnerware orders, testing glazes and lots of other projects that will keep me busy through the winter.
Great to be blogging again!