Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kiln Opening Progress

Egg vase that will be glazed in Frog Skin and Oribe glazes

Progress continues in the studio and in the marketing department of Avery Pottery and Tileworks, my press team and I have been very busy and helpful! Thats me in the studio and the marketing department, again me late at night at the kitchen table with computer, post cards, labels and postage. My press teem consists of my little 5 year old sleeping in bed buy 8:30ish very cute and great fun but little help in these situations though he did stamp some post cards! Go Judson! He's sleeping so I can concentrate and my dog Riley is lying under my feet, keeping me company! Don't worry were getting it all done !
The post card went out over a week ago, E-post card went out a few days ago and press releases too! Now I can forget about all that and worry about getting all the pots finished and in the kiln! You cant have a Kiln Opening with out pots thats like a dinner party with no dinner right!
You can check out the E-card here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Congaree

I wanted to share some pictures of the Congaree,. So you ask what is the Congaree? Its a National park just out side of Columbia SC. After the workshop at the University I had a chance to go out to the Congaree its an extraordinary place enormous Bald Cypress trees and Loblolly Pines, I love the sound of that name "Loblolly" say it out loud, I's just fun to say! Be sure to click on the pictures to full size or you'll miss the detail and the giant spider in the last one. Enjoy!!

This was an incredible Loblolly Pine, the bark and sheer size of the tree is unbelievable.

This was the most amazing find, The Golden Silk Orb-Weaver Spider He or She let me get so close and never moved so. I got a Great image of it! Amazing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

University of South Carolina, Columbia Workshop

So the workshop went great! I had so much fun its a break from the studio for me and gets me to thinking about me, my life, my work and where Im going with it all.

I titled the workshop "Making A Life In Clay" Being a full time working potter I wanted to share my life and journey as a potter and artist for the students.

The world outside of a University working in clay can be much different. I so enjoyed the energy of the University and seeing the students work, it makes me want to teach more workshops. I came away inspired and energized seeing what the graduate and undergraduate students work, it's great to get something back from the participants and seeing there work and enthusiasm for clay was great.

The Professor Virginia Scotchie - Head of Ceramics at the University has some great students turning out some amazing work while finding there own voice in the world, I was very impressed with the program there.
Me and virginia scotchie

I started the morning Monday with a presentation that covered my start apprenticing With Sid Oakley at Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor N.C. Then my journeys in Seagrove building my Kiln, shop and studio.Of course I also spoke a lot about my work and where it foundations come from, mainly souther folk pottery but it has broadened over the years to cover the folk art of several ancient cultures and textiles patterns. The rest of monday I demonstrated making pots then on tuesday we started the day with a critique of the students work and then attend lecture on one of the new Professor's work. After that I finished the pots I made the day before and ended the day showing how I hand paint the designs and patters on my pots.

It was a great few days, so now its back to the studio gearing up for the Kiln Opening on October 15th and 16th. The postcad is printed and will go out in the mail latter next week I'll be posting some pictures as we get closer to the Opening so check back soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Around the studio and on the road

Like I said It's been busy around the studio too, getting ready for lots of events coming up!

First up, I have some pots at Frank in Chapel Hill N.C. The show is called "Dining with frank" I have a Place setting a teapot and a square serving tray in the show. The opening reception is Friday September 9th 6-9pm there is a great line up of potters in the show along with some furniture makers. Im happy to be included in the show and look forward to going to see it. If your in the area be sure to make it on over there!

Up next after that Im heading down to The University of South Carolina in Columbia S.C. I was invited to present a workshop on september 12th and 13th. I've been looking forward to this! I love giving workshops they are so much fun for me. I enjoy sharing information and the dialog between the students is so enjoyable. Sometimes I come away learning a little something about myself and my work through all the questions and observations from the students. It starts me thinking outside the box and thats a good thing. I'll post something on the blog after I get back from the workshop.

Then its on to the Fall Kiln Opening this year it's October 15th and 16th so mark your calendars! Im working on new pots and tiles for the salt glazing kiln. Look for hand painted pots and tiles and some glazed pots as well. I'll be posting more about this as the date approaches with a sneak peek of whats going it the kiln!
so check back soon...

Well I've rambled on long enough,

Life you know? Then whats next!

Its been super busy around the shop and house with my little boy Judson, can you believe he's 5 years old now! and you know what that means.... Kindergarden, Yep thats right! He started last week. He's so excited to be in "Big Kid School" but he thought he would like homework, guess what he's not to crazy about it. I think thats the only let down he loves school other than that.

I cried a little, it was so hard to put him on the buss that first day of school. But it feels so good to see him grow and change. I know everyone thinks that their kid is the smartest, nicest and most insightful child around, I know that. But Im telling you Judson is extra special!!

Check back tomorrow for an up date of events and whats been going on around the studio....