Thursday, December 27, 2012

Win an Amazing Dancing Turtle Vase!!

Take a look at this Dancing Turtle Vase I donated to the North Carolina Pottery Center. Support the NC Pottery Center by Joining or renew your membership before January 31st for a chance to win this lovely vase. Hand painted and fired in a Salt glazed 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Online Kiln Opening, Up and Running

After a few glitches I've got the Opening up and running on my Etsy Shop. Head on over and check it out, I added lots of work last night and Im adding more this morning as fast as I can. I'll to keep it up longer since it went up latter than I expected. I hate it when my internet connection goes down it always seems like its at the worst time!!

Here's a a few of the pots up right now, check back shortly as I keep adding more today,  This is so much fun!!!! Hope you all enjoy it too!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Online Kiln Opening Technical Difficulties!

Technical Difficulties!

The Online Kiln Opening was to start at 5pm today, November 2nd through Sunday November 4th. I have had problems with my internet connection all day and was unable to get all the work listed on my Etsy ShopBut I'm back online now!

So, due to factors out of my control I will work on getting everything listed this evening, and the sale will start Saturday morning. I will also extend the opening another day because of the delay.
Sorry for the hold up,

Check Back in the morning, everything will be up and running smoothly! 


Friday, October 26, 2012

Decorating pots for the KIln Opening

The kiln is cooling. I'll unload it Friday evening Just in time for this weekends opening October 27th and 28th at the studio on. I thought it would be nice to show you what the pots look like before they go in the kiln and what inspires me.

Wild cherry blossom bowl 

I've spent many, many hours painting and glazing late into the evening. I truly enjoy this part of the process. When I first began making pots I was afraid to touch the surface mastering glazes and form was challenge enough. Over the years though, some twenty now I have developed my own personal style and techniques for surface decoration.

Rabbit bowl

Today I use a combination on slip trailing and hand painting slips and glazes. For me inspiration comes from everywhere. I love old things they have a presence and soul that I can feel. Some of the first pots I felt a strong connection to and fell in  love with were early american redware, the pots of the Edgefield district in South Carolina, and of course North Carolina folk pottery. To this day they are still the foundation of my work. But as time has passed I see inspiration everywhere I look, in my every day surroundings, in nature,  the woods, in my field and the skies swirling clouds. I love textiles patterns, their repetitive nature, texture and warmth. I study many ancient cultures, Pre-columbian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean to name just a few. Though I never know where the next inspiration for my work will come from I do know my eyes are open to the endless possibilities...... you never know when that eureka moment comes along...... 
Apothecary Jars
Slip Trailed Plater

Bever bowl

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Fall Kiln Opening is this weekend!

At the Studio,

Saturday, October 27th 10am-5pm 
Sunday, October 28th 10am-5pm

Then the following weekend will be the first online sale in my new Etsy shop! Take look at the newsletter for more info. 
Online Kiln opening starts at 5pm Friday, November 2nd through Sunday November 4th, Im my Etsy shop. 

See you all soon!

Friday, October 5, 2012

One Amazing Morning

I woke up this morning, to one amazing day in the grove, I was greeted by this beautiful sunrise! I love living here, the people in this little community make the place. But the scenery and mornings like this are the icing on the cake! 

Hope you all had a wonderful and beautiful day wherever you might be in this little world of ours........ The sun rises and greets us all, just at different times place. But it's the same sun. Ever present, liking us all wherever we might be. 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

By Example: NC Potters and Their Mentors

This is going to be an extraordinary show! I was so pleased to be invited to exhibit in it, Im very much looking forward to the opening! 
Hope to see you there!

It's at the,

You can also read much more about it on the By Example  FaceBook page.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A man, a boy, a dog and beautiful pottery. A video about me.

My good friend Cynthia Marvin made an amazing video about me, my work and life. I think it came out great! Thanks so much Cynthia!

The story behind the pottery of Blaine Avery and his showroom in Seagrove, NC.

Cynthia has a video production company called, Pencarris ProductionsTake a look at her website!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Out and about, on the road. The Pottery Fair on the Square.

This weekend May 19th from 9:30-5:00, I'll be in Old Salem at the Pottery Fair on the Square in Winston-Salem NC. I'm looking forward to it! I love old Salem! Some great pots, amazing old architecture and beautiful place to spend the day! what more could you ask for? (if you follow the link there's an image at the bottom of the page of some of my pot in the foreground behind them fellow Seagrove potter Bonnie Burns of the Great White Oak Gallery, See you there bonnie!)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes Pottery Crawl

This was so much fun last year I an so looking forward to another fun filled day, for a great cause!

Come out for good cause and Join me for The Behind the Scenes Pottery Crawl, 2nd annual Benefit for Northern Moore Family Resource Center, Saturday May 12th 10am to 5pm.

Come out for some great food, demonstrations and what sure to be a fun filled day! Spend a fun-filled Saturday meeting the artists, touring their studios, and admiring their creations. Come check out 14 of our favorite potteries in a self-guided car tour. Each pottery will have a unique culinary delight with wine pairing (beef tenderloin on rounds of French bread, shrimp served with remoulade and red sauces, open-faced pork sliders, an elegant almond torte, to name a few), and demonstrations focusing on different aspects of the craft – from shaping at the wheel, to glazing, to firing techniques. Or you can roll up your sleeves and make a pot yourself.

The Northern Moore Family Resource Center (NMFRC) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 1996 to serve children and families in northern Moore County, North Carolina. We help children in need succeed academically by offering, among other things, after school programs and summer camps. You can find out more about what the do here on there website.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Second weekend of the Kiln Opening

The first weekend was great, thanks to all of you that came out! I'll be doing it again this weekend Saturday April 28th 10 am - 5 pm and Sunday April 29th 11am - 4pm. I have a great selection of pots for the upcoming weekend. Here is a sneak peek of some of the pots I will have out for the second weekend of the Kiln Opening.
Rectangular slab built tray salt glazed, hand painted slips and glazes with willow oak pattern
Turtles in the garden and
Rectangular slab built tray salt glazed, hand painted slips and glazes vine pattern
Bowls with slip trailed colored porcelain under translucent copper and cobalt glazes
Cups with turtles, Great Blue Heron and willow oak pattern
Vase with Windswept cloud pattern under translucent copper glaze
Weeping Cherry Tree Bowl
Apothecary Jars in Frog Skin and Oribe Glaze
Salt glazed Beaver Bowl
Judson and I after a long great weekend he was the little tour guide all weekend and a great one too!
Dragonfly tray
My Mom and Step father Dan came down for the weekend to lend a big helping hand! It was great to have them here, thanks so much you guys!
Platter with Midnight Blue Ash Glazes and Spanish Iron red Glaze
Rectangular slab built tray salt glazed, hand painted slips and glazes of a horse eye pattern. Inspired by the Japanese horse eye bowls of the Edo period.
Dragonfly Platter and Triangle Platter

Friday, April 20, 2012

Loading the kiln, Opening this Saturday!!

Here are some images of the kiln being loaded these are some of the pots I'll have out for the weekend. See you all soon come on out Saturday and Sunday for the KIln Opening!! -Blaine
Beaver bowl decorated going in the kiln,! I was asked by a great customer to make a platter like the ones I do with turtles around the rim but with beavers on it. I liked the image I came up with so much I made several of these smaller ones for the opening.
This is the bottom stack of the kin with apothecary jars all glazed in Oribe and Frog Skin glazes. I love this classic form I never tire of making them, they are a joyful ever so happy full bellied form!
This the top of the stack some small bows stacked rim to rim, they all have porcelain slip trailing inside with patterns and animal imagery under translucent glazes.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Kiln Opening- Pots from salt glazing kiln

Mark your calendars its here again the Spring Kiln Opening!
Im excited this year working on lots of new patterns and imagery. I'll add some images of works in progress so check back soon! Featuring pots with slip trailed and hand painted surface designs from the salt glazing kiln by Blaine M. Avery. This year the Kiln Opening will be two weekends because many of you were unable to attend one weekend and asked me to do so.
So the dates for the kin Opening will be,
Saturday April 21st 10am-5pm
Sunday April 22nd 11am-4pm
Saturday April 28th 10am-5pm
Sunday April 29th 11am-4pm
See you soon!
Blaine M. Avery Avery Pottery And Tileworks
636 Potters Way Rd. Seagrove N.C.27341 (336) 873-7923

Sunday, February 19, 2012

NC Savor Magazine

I ment to post this a while back I have seem to of fallen off the blogosphere for a bit over the winter. I was featured on the blog for NC Savor Magazine, the writer and Interior Designer Tamara H. Leicester was here and did a wonderful article on their blog about me and my work. You can also take a look at Tamara H. Leicester's work on her website also her blog. Thanks, so much Tamara for such a great article!