Thursday, November 19, 2009

Settin' Up

I set up this evening for the celebration of seagrove potters it opens friday night the 20th at 6:00 and a special auction of collaborative works is set to start at 8:00. This year I collaborated with Carol Gentithes of Johnston and Gentithes ART Pottery. I made a hand built folk art Turtle sculpture and Carol did some magic with her story telling through decoration.
This zealous turtle was created by Blaine Avery and decorated by Carol Gentithes. Blaine admires the introspective, thoughtful nature of the turtle who is forever the independent, intrepid nomad carrying his home on his back through the journeys of life. Carol narrates one of the turtle's journeys as he wanders into the waters of a lake where he discovers traces of human interference from the land above. The turtle is hand built from stoneware and is salt glazed. The decorations are silkscreen emulsions that are fired onto the surface in a separate firing.

The images are of the setup, not quite done I'll finish up in the morning and of the Turtle It came out great I hope it finds a home that honers its greatness!!
And I also wore my new Vibram Five Fingers KSO shoeswhen setting up I get funny looks but I love them!!! Check them out there just fun!!

Working,Working,Working, so glad I love what I do!!!

You know some days just seem to go on forever and weeks too, so I take a deep breath or two then I remember how much I love what I do! The past few weeks I've felt like this. This Time of year is always like this, tis the season!!! Anyway so far this month I have fired two loads of tiles, one gas fired kiln of pots and there is one more firing today. All this in preparation for The Celebration of Seagrove Potters. Last year was the first year and it was crazy busy. Its friday night 20th and the 21 and 22nd. I'll leave you with a few pics of judson helping me unload the kiln on monday. He loves helping unload the kiln and this time he filled up his little red wagon and pulled them in the studio, he's becoming my little helper!! To night I'll be setting up for the Celebration, hope to see you all there!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Friends!! Great to have and Judson and I have some great ones here in the Grove! The other night our friends Jennei and Wes came over for dinner we made pizza one of Judson's favorites, I used tom grays recipe off his blog The Grays Table, there are some great recipes on there. Anyway Judson just loves Jennei and Wes. He talked Jennei into carving a pumpkin or as I call it pumpkin surgery!!! Jennei did a great job with judson doing some directing between running around jacked up on halloween candy!!
OK so I know I said in the last post, that this post would be all about pottery..... sorry you'all this is however the life of a potter right? I will be glazing pots all dat tomorrow. There!! I got some pottery stuff in!!! Trying to keep to my word!!