Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My battle with Lyme Disease

 Hello everyone!
 I haven't posted on here in a very long time, as some of you may have heard I have been really sick for quite some time. Numerous Doctors searched to diagnose my illness to no avail and my condition just kept deteriorating to the point I could no longer work. Then over a year ago I finely got a diagnosis of Late stage Lyme disease it has effected my nervous system and as a result have long list symptoms, the worst are an unbearable pain in my feet and legs and severe fatigue. I can't stand or walk very far just a trip to the grocery store is utterly exhausting.
A friend has set up a Go Fund me fundraiser, Blaine's Treatment for Lyme Disease to help with my expenses there you can read more about whats been going on and how you can help.

 I haven't been able to make pots or work in over a year and a half. Thia picture was taken about three years ago I am making a 30 pound platter that has finished size of approximately 24 inches wide. I so want to get back to making pots it is my joy and calling it's all i have ever done I can't imagine not being able to create. I'm doing everything I can for my health so I can return to the life I love.