Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little late night decorating

I've been working late every night this week decorating. Here's a litlte bit of what I've been up to,

Rabbits with an attitude, I think there up to something!

Dancing turtle platter, this ones in porcelain been working with some lately.

Bull bowls in process, their sort of like a batik outlined it in wax, then I apply colored slip the bull and carve the detail. The one on the left is the before and the one on the right is the finished colored and carved

Long nose gar fish decorated with the same process

I've decorated so many pots this week this just a few. This last one was so much fun it just hit me from some where in the back of my mind. (I love the refined clean lines the dot in the middle is a new glaze and red! Can you fell me?) I didn't have to think at all it just flowed out from my hands to the brush, freely in an instant. It feels so good when the creative process happens that way, It made me think of the earlier post and what Elizabeth Gilbert had to say on the subject. Was I in control with past experiences and thoughts all coming together in an instant with my mind working freely with out thought? Did I have control of it at all? Or is there a greater power working through me or with me when an experience like that happens? A muse maybe? Well I already have one of those, I'll have to ask her!
I love the design its so simple yet refined I think it may be reminiscent of some native american anasazi pottery but I didn't think that while I was painting it was only until I stepped back moments latter that I saw the connection

Thats it for now. All these pots will be going in the Salt kiln over the weekend fired then packed up and heading down to Charlotte for the Mint Museum Potters Market Invitational. I'm going to have some great ones!! Hope some of you can come out to this great event.

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