Sunday, May 24, 2009

Call It done-finished-complete the kiln rebuild

I spent the weekend working on the kiln and hold your breath.... ITS FINISHED!!!! It took way longer than i would like but I am really happy with how it all came out the one up side to having to rebuild the kiln is I was able to make a lot of changes. I also had a friend with a welder come out and do some serious reworking of the metal work. So the new kiln is sporting a nice grab bar for puling the car out, turnbuckles on the door to pull it in nice and snug, a door with nice metal framework and a brick chimney with metal bracing. I didn't know if I would get it all done today it was misty in the morning and looked like it was going to rain any minute but the rain held off and I cut the hole in the roof and up the chimney went 14 feet 6 inches high. Now all I have to do is flash around the chimney but that wont stop me from firing latter this week! So thats how I spent my memorial day weekend and I had dinner last night with some friends, a nice potluck.
Hope you all had a great weekend


Ron said...

Looks great man! I like the idea of having some options with the burner ports. I hope the first firing is a grand success.

Brad T said...

Hey Train! The kiln looks great. Makes me want to rebuild mine as well. Hope to see you at the Larkspur thing. You will have to tell me about the burner ports.

Tim Ayers said...

The kiln looks great! It looks like a Memorial Day weekend well spent, although I hope you still found time to cook out.

Alex Solla said...

This looks fantastic! Definitely very inspiring. Congrats on pulling it all together.

Good firings!