Saturday, May 16, 2009

A very productive day

I had A very productive day a friend came with his welder and hammer drill. I needed to rework some of the steel on the kiln and its best to do it in place, nothing ever works out as smoothly one would like but there in nothing a man can't fix with the right tools!!!! You now it is all about the tools, the hammer drill was a big help drilling in to the 4000 psi concrete this is one kiln pad i that is not going to crack!
So between talking to customers I got all the metal framework on bolted down to the pad and then put the arch on witch is the most fun part of kiln building. The kiln really starts to take its shape when you get the arch on it.
I the next few days I will build the door, chimney, close in the back wall of the arch and the part a hate to do the most but it has to be done...... cut a hole in the roof of the kiln shed I may need a few more bricks for the chimney a few hard and soft I haven't figured that out yet I think I am close but I I'll do a final count after I build the door. Buy the way that arch form you are looking at is probably the most used arch form in Seagrove and maybe the world! Tom Gray built it for his kiln when he moved here years ago and has been kind enough to let anyone who needs it have at it, this is the second time I've used it! Thanks Tom I'll get it back to you soon I've had it way to long!
So if any of you lurkers out there reading my blog got a few bricks the spare let me know. I think I may need about 25-30 hard brick and 25-50 soft thats my best guess, Used are fine there for the chimney and these are all used brick anyway.
good night all
Sleep well


Michael Mahan said...

That kiln's coming into shape. Looks good. I'm envious. I spent 20 years with electric kilns and always wanted to build a car kiln. But now I've got to figure out what kind of wood kiln I'm going to build.

My latest idea is a wood-fired salt kiln, but then I think why not a double chamber anagama and salt?


Anonymous said...

nice looking arch... almost there.

Andrew Thornton said...

That's really amazing and highly impressive!