Thursday, May 7, 2009

time to cut the hay

I love this time of year it's not to hot yet and everything is bursting with new leaves, when I left this morning to take Judson to daycare he asked me when our neighbor Matthew was going to cut the hay..... Its grown like everything else, well at about 1:00 guess who showed up? I love the pattern the rows of hay make the symmetry and order there a little different every time he cuts the hay. Judson loves it to I wish he was here to see it he loves tractors and anything that has to do with farming even though he has made it clear lately that he is going to be a firefighter! Matthew should bail the hay in two or three days or a little longer if if rains, Judson loves to sit on all the bails or as he calls the hail-bays.
well that it from dow in the grove, I have been working on the kiln I'll post son pix latter

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Michael Mahan said...

Hail bays. I love it.

Chelsea used to read a nursery rhyme with me.

"Where is the boy who looks after the sheep.
He's under the laystack fast asleep."

Then one day she said it correctly, and she never went back.