Monday, May 18, 2009

Dad or Daddy?

Judson Got home today and the first thing he noticed as we pulled down the log driveway, was the hay bails. As we were driving in he said "matthew bailed the hay look there are hay bails!" So I guess he is getting bigger as I said in another post he used to say "hail bays" I kinda wish he still did it was so adorable, first you want them to grow up fast and then they get big so quick. Now for some reason when he turned three the other month he has been calling me dad before that I was daddy. I started correcting him and telling him I like daddy better, I don't know if I am ready to be a dad I was just getting used to daddy and to think before he was born I thought I wanted him to call me Blaine and not dad. I used to think it was so cool when I was a kid I had a few friends that called there parent buy there first names. Now it just doesn't seen right.
Well the first thing judson wanted to do was check out the hay bails and of corse sit on them he loves to do that and the next thing was to check out the progress of the kiln he was so excited.... he said something like did you build that? and looking at the arch and said " how did you put that on there?" Now how do you explain that to a three year old? well I tried and I think it went pretty well, he's pretty quick he even asked why I put cement blocks under the kiln most adults wouldn't notice.
Don't tell me you cant smile after looking at these photos, thanks for looking I'll have some more kiln pix up in the next few days
Thats all from the grove


Blaine M. Avery said...

I dig the safety glasses!! He thinks they are so cool!!

T.Gray said...


JLK said...

He is such a great kid. don't forget the walk with the "cool" leash sometime soon!

cookingwithgas said...

After seeing our son married Sunday I know how quick life goes. Enjoy being called "DAD" because you are a great father!
And he is a great kid!

Anonymous said...

great post... i'm in the same boat with four year old... i've noticed that if i explain things carefully even though it's something complex, she does understand even when it seems she doesn't, then later she'll say something that proves that she understood all along... may the time pass slowly