Friday, May 15, 2009

The kiln goes on....

The kiln goes on...... that reminds me of a book that I read to Judson the bear snores on, It's a good one pick it up. I have spent several days pondering the theories in the kiln book and the Art of Firing and have come up with some of my own. That is if you build it, it will work!!! Just kidding....... after going back and forth over the sizing of the flue I have come up with my own ideas. There is no way that the theories in the kiln book work on all kilns but they do work pretty well and Nils Lou is crazy if he thinks that a 4-1/2 x7 exit flue will work for any kiln any size but it dose work for his kiln at cone 10 reduction but I think it could be a little bigger. So what I decided to do is make my flue a few inches wider for cone ten reduction with two burners firing from the back and then have it expandable to 9-1/2X9 with a knock out brick for the six burner ports on the sides, for oxidation cone six I think but maybe for low fire? Will see? The 9-1/2X9 exit flue is a bit larger than the kiln book recommends but I figure that again I can always make it a little smaller if needed. So the kiln goes on..... I got the walls up today, the gas was hooked up on wednesday and I am starting on putting the metal framework on tomorrow and then the arch that is if I am not to busy talking to customers... I sure hope I am there are worse things that could happen!
that all from the Grove


T.Gray said...

'bout doggone time! :-) glad to see you getting that sucka wrapped up.

Anonymous said...

looking good