Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They raked the hay on monday, its always fun to watch them work the pattern was gone for a few days but thn matthew and his dad Doug came back today to bale the hay. Y'all may remember Doug he is the neighbor that helped me build the kiln shed and was a big help when I was building the studio. Doug in not afraid of heights he helped put the roof on and put the widows in the second story, I remember him saying you'll get used to it and I did but not like doug..... he is a little crazy but I don't know if I could have built my place with out him!!! So now he and matthew keep the field up and there is an art to what they do but you cant think to much you just have to let go step back and see what you got when your done. I'm trying to do that lately its harder than you might think give it a try some time, sometimes you know you can over think things.
I hope you don't mind all the images, the last one is on the porch looking out over the field look for some representation on a close up bail on some pots in the near future

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Andrew Thornton said...

Beautiful images. Makes me miss wide open spaces.