Thursday, May 7, 2009

kiln post no.3

Things are moving along, I had to mortar under the cement block to level every thing somehow the only place I screwed up when pouring the concrete was right were the kiln has to sit, thats the way things go sometimes but I think I got it all working level and square!!! I built the car and started building the foundation just about got that done. In the last few days I went and looked at a few kilns in the area, Bruce and Samantha at bull dog pottery, Tom Gray and Jeff and Stephanie at Dean and Martin Pottery. I am thinking about a few changes I want to make in the kiln there is nothing like staring at a pile of about 3000 bricks to gat you to thinking...... I want change the chimney and am thinking about adding burners in the side now I have it set up for two burners entering in the back but I am going to add three burner ports on each side in hopes that it will work better for cone six oxidation, just thinking ahead to a future project, I don't quite know were it will lead. I helps to talk to other potters and look at a number of kilns thats what's great about Seagrove there are so many potters , so many kilns and no one minds taking some time out of there day to lend a hand and give advice its a great community. I like the picture of my helper Riley he barks when i need him to.....
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Linda Starr said...

Oh, that looks like it's going to be a beauty.